torstai 16. heinäkuuta 2009


Ladies and Gentleman the new Boutique in town is opening today with a sparkling twist to introduce its treasures and welcome you all. The Punavuoren Putiikki designers Tyra Therman and Hanna Haavikko will uncover their wonderful designs and you will have the chance to see for yourself the exquisit quality and beauty of the fine range available.
For this special occasion, you will be treated to some unique offers so do not miss your chance to discover the new fashion hotspot in Helsinki with a bubbly reception.

To give you a preview of what you can find at the opening, here is the link to the article about Punavuoren Putiikki posted by the multi-talented and always up to date with the new trendsFreelancer's Fashionblog.

Photography by The Freelancer's Fashionblog

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